Research has shown that Parent Centers are a critical and essential link toward creating an integrated and inclusive school environment.  A well run Parent Center may serve as a teacher, social worker, and parent advocate; and has an important role in breaking down barriers, addressing issues of parent self-esteem, and providing knowledge and information to parents in a language they can understand.  
Parent Centers provide a safety net for parents to gain know-how across a broad spectrum without embarrassment, provide basic language and social skills and can help parents assimilate to a new culture.  The Parent Center also provides a portal, which links the surrounding community to the school and vice-versa.  In short, the Parent Center is a critical enabler at schools to help parents expand their capacity to support their children emotionally, socially, and intellectually.
The Parent Center at Stonehurst Elementary School assists our Stallion families in building strong family, school, and community partnerships to increase parental involvement in our children’s education, with the goal of increasing student academic achievement.

Here are some of the services the Parent Center offers:
  • offering different workshops (i.e. computer training, parenting tips, etc.)
  • distributing family-friendly information
  • connecting families for parent-to-parent support
  • locating useful resources for families and schools
  • offering volunteer opportunities
Be sure to stop by the Parent Center for more information on how you become a volunteer at Stonehurst Elementary School!